Change PTCL Wifi Password | Setup, Router, ADSL

Here we explain clearly that how to change PTCL Wifi Router password. I am going to explain all the method with few steps to change PTCL Wi-Fi password.

Step 1- In the first step just open your browser and enter IP Address You can also open from Laptop, Mobile and Tablet PC.

Step 2- After entering your PTCL IP address which is by default hit enter and after this new POP Up window will appear in and it will ask for username and password. Keep in mind you can also change PTCL Modem IP address but the default IP address is 192.168.1. If you changed it so remember this IP address for future and the default User Name and Password of PTCL Wifi Modem is User:  Admin: Password: admin

After this you a new window will appear you can see the whole setup clearly. Now click on security than go to wireless and change your PTCL Wi-Fi Password and click on apply. You can also change PTCL Wi-Fi router name, password and IP address.

After password change reset your Wi-Fi connection on your Laptop or Mobile and click on forgot to remove the previous name of your Wi-Fi. Now search again and new Wi-Fi name will appear select and enter your new password to connect.